Cooking Outside the Pot

问:您的食谱是否适用于金宝博188冰箱中的烹饪 - 使用仅煮沸水并将其添加到食物中含有夸张的冷冻袋?

A:Yes, the recipes inRecipes for Adventureare easy to cook in freezer bags or any other container by adding boiled water and waiting 20 minutes.





Steam玉米,豌豆,胡萝卜和青豆for six to eight minutes before dehydrating. They will rehydrate better in hot water than if you dried these vegetables raw.


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Two More Vegetable Drying Tips:

  • Julienne cut carrots rehydrate well and rehydrate larger in your meal than diced or sliced carrots.
  • Poke a hole in each pea after steaming with a fork. Some of the peas may split open from the steaming, but some don’t. It goes pretty fast… you can spear several at a time.


Photo at left: The breadcrumb method for dehydrating ground beef.

Add fine breadcrumbs or finely ground precooked and dried rice to ground beef to make it rehydrate MUCH better than ground beef dried by itself.

脱水罐装鸡肉再水化比烤,油炸或烤的鸡肉更好。Pressure cooked chickenis better, but still may be a little chewy. Canned chicken is fail proof.





Since you will likely eat your freezer bag meal with a long spoon, small forms of macaroni – the kind that comes in macaroni and cheese products, will fit nicely on your spoon. With pot cooking, these types of macaroni do not need to be precooked and dried because you maintain a boil for two minutes followed by waiting ten minutes with the meal in an insulating cozy. With freezer bag and container cooking, it is best to precook macaroni before drying. It rehydrates well.





Potato and corn bark will rehydrate to a creamier texture when cooked in a pot, but will still rehydrate well with container cooking. Some of the bark will not break all the way down to a mashed potatoes creaminess, but will still be very soft and tasty.


The photos at the top of the page show how potato bark turned into mashed potatoes without being processed into bits.



  • 常规部分:如果食谱呼叫½杯树皮,仅使用¼杯位。
  • 大部分:如果配方呼叫¾杯树皮,仅使用⅓杯位。

Bean and world peas bark are more crumbly than potato and corn bark, so there is no need to ever reduce them in a food processor.


Freezer Bag & Container Cooking Instructions:

  • 煮沸食谱中规定的水合物的量。
  • Add boiled water to food in quart-size freezer bag or container. Stir it up quickly. Close container.
  • 将袋子或容器隔离,等待20分钟。

Adding boiled water to a bag and handling it can be tricky. To be safer, place the bag inside a rigid container such as a medium-size Glad Lockware™container first, then add the hot water. This keeps the bag upright while the meal rehydrates. Try to have the container in the place where it will sit and rehydrate when you add the hot water so you don’t have to handle a hot container.


Another trick, once you get proficient at pouring hot water into a bag, is to put the filled bag back into the pot.

Photo at left: Meal shown inside a pot cozy before water is added.

You canmake a cozyusing Reflectix™ material to fit any size container or a pouch style cozy to enclose a bag if you don’t use a rigid container.


Container cooking makes cooking for groups easier. Meals can be varied for each person. Each person would have their own dried meal in a container and the chef boils and pours water into the meals. Clean up is easy with group container cooking and fewer stoves and pots need to be carried.

Photo at left: Mashed potatoes with beef and vegetables cooked in a medium-size Glad Lockware™container.




  • Add 25% more boiled water than called for in the recipes当热水瓶烹饪时,因为食物会有更多时间吸收水。
  • For best results, pre-heat the thermos with hot water before preparing the meal.

Deferred Eating:准备一个热徒步旅行或远足在m吃午饭orning so you don’t have to pull out your stove again. The meal will rehydrate and stay warm all day. Similarly, you can prepare your breakfast the night before while you are cooking dinner so you can get a fast start in the morning.

You may want to transfer the meal to another container to eat because the mouth of the container is not very wide. Go with the 24-ounce Thermos Food Jar. They make a 16-ounce size also, but that’s a little small for most uses.

Off-Trail Use:For work lunches or meals on the road, add hot water to the dehydrated ingredients in a thermos food jar in the morning at home and enjoy a hot lunch later. Saves time and money.

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Recipe for用牛肉和蔬菜用土豆泥。

在Chef Glenn的金宝博188书中获取所有食谱和食品脱水技术,Recipes for Adventure

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